Monday, 30 April 2012

Marthin Luther King

Marthin flies from New York to Philadelphia. He has a-30 kilos luggage but the personel does not let to be carried in the plane. He insists on saying that those are just gifts for his grandchildren but he is denied. The decision is definite. Finally he shouts at the flying attendee : "We suceeded to swim like fish, fly like birds but we cannot do the easiest thing ; living like brothers."

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck is mastering at Hacettepe University and he is to enter an exam but he misses 230 bus. He gets on a crowded 541, however he does not feel comfortable. Suddednly the bus stops and Chuck fells down and his books scatter around he cannot collect on his own but nobody helps him. He gets annoyed and screams "As long as the world population is increasing , the number of humans is decreasing."

Tom Robbins

Tom does not have a sheet to write in his notebook, always asks her girlfriends to give him a sheet. Girls are fed up with this situation and one day they decide not to bring any notebook. Teacher notices that he does not write. He gets angry and says "Where is your sheet champion? Do you think you can keep all this stuff in your mind?" (Actually Tom cannot afford.) He replies: "As long as the notebook is the same, what is the point to open a new page?"

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

John Mercer Langston

John and his homemates are playing counter strike. John trusts himself very much. He is anti-terror alone and his other friends are terorrists. He chooses AWP but without he open the sights of his weapon someone shoots him. His friends always set a trap for him near the green door on the map of Assault. John Mercer Langston loses his temper and shuts the computer and screams "In order to die one day, we live for every day."

Fatih Terim

Galatasaray is playing against Fenerbahce. Aykut Kocaman, coach of FB, goes crazy during the match beacuse GS does not give up. They are in the 90th minute. Baros strikes but the upper post does not let it to be a goal. The final whistle goes. The score is 2-2. A press member asks  Fatih Terim about the match. And emperor says "What can I do sometimes. It is the football. That is the football."

Hasan Mezarcı

There is a man from Black Sea. He is always telling that "I am sick. I am sick.". However, nobody believes in him. One day he says "If I die, write this on my graveyard." He dies and they write that "I said I am sick but you don't believe. Look, what happened now?"


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